Double Fix Pyramid – Immediate and Continuous Lifting

There are many ways to do corrections in our appearance, one of them by doing thread lifting. Thread Lifting is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to improve or perfect certain areas of ourselves, including the face and body. In this case, the correct thread selection is certainly one of the keys to the success of the thread lifting itself. Double Fix is one thread that could be the right choice for you.

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Double Fix is the strongest thread which made of Polydioxanone and Polycaprolactone, it is totally re-absorbable and evidence based. Double Fix is available in two types that is anchoring and floating type. Made with ultrasound technology, has tension capacity up to 4.35 kg and  124 pyramid cogs to grip your subcutaneous fat layer tightly, Double Fix is ​​ready to give a strong and immediate lifting effect.

There are two type of Double Fix thread materials :

Double Fix Polydioxanone (PDO), have abilities to improve neocollagenesis and totally degraded after 12 months.

Double Fix Polycaprolactone (PCL), known as strong collagen stimulator (rather than regular PDO) and totally degraded after 24 months.


Double Fix Anchoring Thread

Ultrasound PDO/PCL Thread


Double Fix Floathing Thread

Ultrasound PDO Thread


Double Fix Thread

Double Fix Thread

Double Fix is ​​made with Ultrasound technology that is able to shape the 124 cogs with pricesly. So that Double Fix is able give maximum lifting effect and younger look.


Double Fix's Needle

Double Fix’s Needle

Bruising is always an unpleasant thing after the lifting process is carried out, by using a conical needle, the patient will be no bruising after lifting process, because conical needle won’t rupture the vessels.



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