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11Jun 2020

Find the perfect implantation technique, then let the threads do the rest.  Nowadays, Lifting and Volumizing using thread can be done through various implantation techniques. With Double Fix, find your best implantation technique and learn deeper inside the skin in our upcoming ISAM webinar, “Telescoping beneath the skin: Anatomy Dissection feat Lifting and Fat Volumizing […]

20May 2020

Have you ever wonder about how’s the right way to fix the neck skin problem?⁣ The neck area tends to have thinner texture and is prone to lose the elasticity during the aging. In dealing with this problem, treatment with the right techniques and products is needed. Bringing “Double Fix on The Neck” as the […]

14May 2020

Because learning about the techniques of thread lifting treatment is quite interesting, there’s much available learning option for you to choose. And learning from the expert through Webinar is such a good choice during this moment!⁣Proudly introducing you to Elogio Educates Webinar with the topic “From Basic to Advanced Techniques” of thread lifting treatment that […]

11May 2020

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin And investing your time to get more knowledge about thread lifting with Double Fix Global Webinar 1 could be a best choice to spend your day! Double Fix Global Webinar is the right place for aesthetic practitioners to have a further knowledge relating to the case […]

28Feb 2020

As one of the best thread in the world, we are not only providing the products but also the training to learn more about the best pattern for patients! We’re proudly announce our March Hands on Training ! Contact us for registration and further information : Jakarta Tomi 0815 7220 2775 Hadi 0877 7798 5502 […]

27Feb 2020

Hands-on Training with aesthetic doctors in various countries is one of the regular agenda of Double Fix. As one of the best facial threads in the world, Double Fix not only provides the products but also transfers information about the best patterns that can be applied to patients. On February 18, Double Fix visited the […]

11Feb 2020

Because understanding face lifting is not only about learning, but also practicing. We’re proudly announce our February hands on training ! Contact us for registration and further information : Jakarta Shiane 0812 2216 3420 Tomi 0815 7220 2775 Hadi 0877 7798 5502 Rangga 0812 1210 1049 Surabaya Shiane 0812 2216 3420 Aris 0821 3234 1999 […]

06Feb 2020

As our commitment to spread high-tech beauty treatment around the world, Paris is the latest place where we visited. On Friday, January 31 , a Double Fix Hands-on Demo was held at the Esthetique Center in Paris, France. The event run well and was quite lively with the doctor’s eager participation in involvement in the […]

24Aug 2016

Silhouette Soft Workshop Training “Lifting & Rejuvenation in Just 30 Minutes” Sabtu, 10 September 2016 Pukul 10.00 wib – selesai Tempat : Benning Clinic Jl.Yosodipuro No.146, Mangkubumen, Banjarsari, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah RSVP, Please Contact : Bella : 0813 3279 2517, Ibu Dewi : 0877 0253 4950, Vinda : 087 888 558 446 *Tempat terbatas Organized […]

24Aug 2016

Silhouette Soft Gathering Event City: Jakarta As the one and only distributor of Silhouette Soft in Indonesia, Pariko showed its dedication and love for the product by organizing an event called “Silhouette Soft Gathering” in Jakarta. Held at Aston Priority Hotel Jakarta on August 1st 2016, Pariko gathered doctor users of Silhouette Soft in a luxurious […]