• Double Fix Global Advisory Board (from left to right): dr. Jusueth Moran (Ecuador), dr. Inigo De Felipe (Spain), dr. Paola Rosalba Russo (Italy), dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja (Indonesia), dr. Alex Karkhi (Rumania), dr. Kishanty H (Indonesia).
  • dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja M. Biomed (AAM), Explaining Double Fix; The Latest Generation of Thread
  • dr. Inigo De Felipe was presenting His Double Fix Signature Pattern-“INIGO’S PATTERN” for Neck Rejuvenation in front of all the attendees.
  • dr. Paola Rosalba Russo performing Double Fix Thread Lift Treatment in front of all Double Fix Advisory Boards and all attendees.

As our commitment to spread high-tech beauty treatment around the world, Paris is the latest place where we visited. On Friday, January 31 , a Double Fix Hands-on Demo was held at the Esthetique Center in Paris, France. The event run well and was quite lively with the doctor’s eager participation in involvement in the demonstration.

The hands-on Demo began with an explanation given by dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja M. Biomed (AAM), who explained the Latest Generation of Threads, then continued with material from dr. Inigo De Felipe on Double Fix Neck Rejuvenation, and also there is a live demo which was conducted by dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M. Biomed (AAM), dr. Inigo De Felipe, and also dr. Paola Rosalba Russo.

We’d like to say thank you for dr. Sylvie Poignonec, dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, dr. Paola Rosalba Russo, dr. Inigo De Felipe and also the doctors and distributors who have participated and joined our Double Fix Hands-on Demo in Paris.

The event was a huge success and resulted in a pleasant experience for all of us. And our journey won’t stop here! We’re ready to have our next hands-on demo. See you at our upcoming events!

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