EVA SP 6 – Vibroliposuction

Eva sp6 using Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture Technique which based on 2 characteristic, nutation and infra sound. The canulla goes into precessional movement and using infrasound technology with low frequency generated by the movements of the canulla which acts as an anaesthetic on the treated part.

Kacamata Pelindung (Safety Goggles Glass)

Kacamata pelindung (Safety Goggles Glass) ini adalah alat pelindung yang digunakan di area mata dari kehadiran berbagai partikel atau bahan kimia yang dapat masuk ke tubuh manusia melalui mata. Kacamata pelindung banyak digunakan di laboratorium dan rumah sakit sebagai perlindungan diri dari berbagai virus dan bakteri.

Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared Thermometer atau disebut juga termometer laser adalah alat pengukur suhu yang dapat mengukur suhu / atau suhu tanpa kontak dengan objek yang akan diukur suhunya. Infrared Thermometer menawarkan kemampuan untuk mendeteksi suhu secara optik selama objek diamati, radiasi energi inframerah diukur dan disajikan sebagai suhu.


The Schu'zz "pro" shoes has been designed for all professionals who work on soils and wish to protect themselves effectively against the risks of falls. The Schu'zz "Pro" shoes has been tested by the CTC laboratories and the results guarantee a coefficient of adhesion in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 20347 level SRC. Wearing the Schu'zz "Pro" greatly reduces the risk of accidents at work caused by slips. The Schu'zz "Pro" is therefore ideal for use in the environment dry, greasy, wet, wet or greasy type agrifood industries, hospitals, collective restoration.


Sklar is pleased to offer a full line of Care & Cleaning agents to disinfect, decontaminate, sterilize, lubricate and protect your stainless steel surgical instruments and equipment. For expert care of your surgical instruments at every stage of the cleaning process, trust Sklar to deliver the right cleaning agent for you, and also Sklar provides Instrument recognition. SklarTip™ Instrument ID products offer a convenient color coded system for identifying instruments. Offered in various combinations including tape sheets, tape rolls and tags, products last through many autoclaving and gas sterilization processes. Latex Free.