Hospital Furniture

Trolley B84

Spesifikasi : Overall size: 720x460x1050(mm), With stainless steel tube frame, With three ABS layers shelves , every layer with stainless steel side rails, connected by ABS Connection parts, With a drawer made of plastic-sprayed steel, With four individual breaking castors, Can be completely apart

E6 Strecther

Size : 1950 × 650 × 780 mm, the whole stretcher is made of stainless steel, which is smooth and firm. the stretcher is equipped with four different wheels. the two small ones are full braked and can be braked respectively. Under the automobile body has a case, but puts abundantly needs the goods. The product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards: GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000.

Emergency Strecther B4

Spesifikasi : Overall size: 1950x650x500/900(mm), It is a manual stretcher, high-low adjustable through a crank, highlow : 500mm-900mm, Central control system and direction castor can help the user gently stop the trolley and easily control the direction, Head section of mattress support platform is adjustable from 0°-45° through gas spring, High quality engineer plastic side rails can easily to operate down or up

Emergency Stretcher E5

Standard features: The whole uses the high-quality stainless steel welding to become, which is reliable and smooth. Steel system hand operated, the guide screw has the limit protective device, may between willfully adjust highly in 680-900mm. The whole is composed by the stretcher and the chassis two parts, the stretcher may leave the chassis, the stretcher has the self-locking type guard rail, the surface uses the highquality leather surface intension high density sponge, the back may need to adjust according to the patient, enables the patient to achieve the most comfortable body posture. Matches 4 high-level static sounds to circle the trundle moisture-proof, impels nimbly, applies the brake reliably. Matches the stainless steel IV pole, convenient and applied. The product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards: GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000. Size: 1950 × 650 × 680 / 900 mm

Branchard B7

Spesifikasi : Overall size : 1950x650x780(mm), Stainless steel structures, With two big wheels and two small wheels, small omni-directional wheels can be locked, With side rails in two sides, With I.V. pole and a plastic basket in the bottom, The top layer strectcher can be removable

Child Cot ML-25

Spesifikasi : Dimensi : P 145 x L 77 x T 123 cm, Material : Pipa besi, finishing powder coating Terdapat side rail yang bisa naik turun dengan aman dan berkunci Di lengkapi dengan roda dan matras

Overbed Table ML-38

Spesifikasi : Bahan : Pipa stainless steel dan papan kayu, Dimensi : 75 x 30 x 82~105 cm, Pelengkap : Roda 4 buah, Tinggi daun meja dapat di atur ketinggiannya 82-105 cm

Trolley B72

Spesifikasi : Overall size: 630x470x910(mm), One -piece ABS plastic top work surface covered transparent soft plastic glass, with raisededge design and stainless steel side rail, With four plastic-steel columns. 2 small & 2 middle & 1 big drawers, drawers' dividers can be organized easily and freely ; with central locks, With Dust basket, Needle disposal holder, Storage box, Multi bin container(1*10pcs), With four individual breaking castors

Trolley B32

Spesifikasi : Overall size: 640x420x800(mm), Stainless steel structure and body, With two shelves all with side rails, with a drawer, With a forceps container holder ,a stainless steel basin with holder, a plastic bucket with holder, With four individual breaking castors