JUVELOOK – Next Generation Skin Booster

Juvelook is a hybrid collagen stimulator that consist of PDLLA and HA. It has both benefits of immediate filling effect of HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and long-term stimulation of collagen production by PDLLA.

PICOMEDI – Picosecond Laser Technology

PICOMEDI is a revolutionary Picosecond Laser Technology for pigmented lesions treatments. It is effective for removal of acne scars, age spots, tattoos, and sun-damaged skins.

SEFFILLER — The New Age of Autologous Aesthetic Medicine

SEFFILLER® is designed for physicians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons who want to perform The Regenerative Therapy. SEFFILLER® is a disposanle "all-in-one" kit for guided harvesting and autologous grafting of adipose tissue and stromal fraction (SVF) containing Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs).

REVS PN Filler – To An Age Most Brilliant and Beautiful; Your Hidden Youth We Return To You

An innovative anti-aging solution from Reanzen to help skin recovers its health and beauty with the power of Poly Nucleotide (PN), a key ingredient extracted from salmon DNA.

RMT® 140 HPn – The Highest Quality PN For Optimal Result

RMT® 140 HPn is a skin retention product developed by Reanzen, which has specialized research power in Bio Technology and made by not only Poly Nucletode (PN) but combining bio-mimetic ingredients for anti-aging and skin regeneration, providing rich moisture to the skin for use of high quality polymeric Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

Lenisna – Starts from Within

Currently, trends in the use of fillers in the aesthetic field have begun to decline in various parts of the world with the presence of Collagen Stimulators. Collagen stimulator is an alternative to replace the role of filler. More than that, Collagen stimulator has another advantage that is natural and able to work in annual time. Meet Lenisna, Injectable PLLA (Poly-Lactic-Acid), which will gradually stimulate collagen formation, improve skin condition, restore lost facial volume, reduce fine wrinkles, and many other good benefits

Double Fix Pyramid – Immediate and Continuous Lifting

There are many ways to do corrections in our appearance, one of them by doing thread lifting. Thread Lifting is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to improve or perfect certain areas of ourselves, including the face and body. In this case, the correct thread selection is certainly one of the keys to the success of the thread lifting itself. Double Fix is one thread that could be the right choice for you.

MEDIfraction – CO2 Fractional Laser

MEDIfraction targets the water in the skin tissue, generates a certain amount of hot stripped energy. The heating effect makes collagen contracted. The hot solidification and hot stripped energy forms minimally invasive puncture about 0.10 mm in diameter, about 2-4 mm in depth, then the thermal bridge is produced between traumatic holes. Thus starts the skin wound repair mechanism, a lot of new collagen is produced, then the frame structure of derma is reconstructed, facial contour sculpture, and wrinkles disappear, the skin become delicate, the acne and scar is smoothed.