Snow Flower Bloom – Achieve the Perfect Glass Skin Look

It is no longer a secret if the appearance of a smooth and radiant face or Glass Skin Look is a desirable thing for many people. Unfortunately, the look of Glass Skin Look today is often identical to the use of products with fairly long stages. In answering this issue, Snow Flower Bloom is present as a product that is able to provide a glass skin look effect with real results in only a short time. Snow Flower Bloom is an all-in-one product that helps to enhances the regeneration capacity of the damaged skin and sustains the beautiful skin tone and texture continuously by eliminating skin stain and whitening effect.

Lenisna, Starts from Within

Currently, trends in the use of fillers in the aesthetic field have begun to decline in various parts of the world with the presence of Collagen Stimulators. Collagen stimulator is an alternative to replace the role of filler. More than that, Collagen stimulator has another advantage that is natural and able to work in annual time. Meet Lenisna, Injectable PLLA (Poly-Lactic-Acid), which will gradually stimulate collagen formation, improve skin condition, restore lost facial volume, reduce fine wrinkles, and many other good benefits

GENs – Say Good Bye to Fine Lines!

There are lots of processes involved in the aging process including intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Lines and Wrinkles start to deepen and become more defined with age as levels of the skin’s structural proteins (collagen, elastin, etc) decrease. Collagen as the main role of skin structure, sustain a loss of mass by 1,5% per year. Therefore, collagen loss giving the biggest impact on irregularity skin texture, which resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

Double Fix Pyramid – Immediate and Continuous Lifting

There are many ways to do corrections in our appearance, one of them by doing thread lifting. Thread Lifting is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to improve or perfect certain areas of ourselves, including the face and body. In this case, the correct thread selection is certainly one of the keys to the success of the thread lifting itself. Double Fix is one thread that could be the right choice for you.


EVA offers a safe, effective, comfortable, non-ablative solution for the treatment of the most common vulvo-vaginal pathologies.

Brightening Miracle Cream

Lightening protective cream, reduces the appearance of uneven pigmentation while brightening skin tone, thanks to a important mix of active ingredients (a-Arbutine, Azeloglicine and Chromabright). Rich yet lightweight, it absorbs into skin quickly and forms a protective shield to prevent roughness and dryness while guarantees a smooth and radiant complexion. This cream protects also from the UVA and UVB rays.

Brightening Miracle Essence

Brightening Miracle Essence - Concentrated skin lightening essence, reduces the production of melanin and prevent skin discoloration to a high concentration of a-Arbutin. Helps to eliminate and prevent sun age spots and leaving the skin soft and smooth as silk. Vitamin E and Vitamin C two potent antioxidants reduce cellular damage the skin is therefore more even.

Brightening Miracle Cleanser

Gentle lightening scrub, eliminates dead skin cells and skin impurities, deep cleanses, and prepares the skin for better penetration of all active ingredients allowing a quicker and more efficient result. Leaves the skin soft and smooth. Contains Vitamin C that gives the skin luminosity.

Genyal Polyvalent

Continual physico-chemical studies on cross-linking have resulted in the synthesis of all the experience gained to date, resulting in the creation and development of an ingenious product that incorporates all the benefits desired by medical staff and patients, i.e. safe, natural, long-lasting and comfortable implants, in a single solution: for this reason Genyal Polyvalent, the polyvalent filler for all types of cosmetic correction, was formulated.