WDM Permanent MRI System 0.5 T

The i_Open 0.5T system is a medical diagnostic magnetic resonance system. The main magnet of the system adopts the “Two Column” shape design. The structure has large open degree (the opening angle is larger than 288 degree), which provides the patient much comfort and acceptance. The main magnet use high purity of magnet materials, which enable the magnet size smaller (3.0m×1.3m×2.0m) and light weight (21T) with the static magnetic field strength up to 0.5T, which is the highest in the field of permanent magnet.

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Why do we suggest WDM 0.5T system?
1.High SNR ensures much better image quality than 0.35T and 0.4T: SNR of 0.5T system is 50%
higher than 0.4T system and 80% higher than 0.35T system.
2.Faster scanning speed: scanning speed of 0.5T system is 20% higher than 0.4T and 30% higher than 0.35T system.
3.Six way electric patient table, automatic positioning.
4.The first and only one 0.5T permanent MRI system with both CE and FDA approval.

Hardware Description
The i_Open 0.5T features an Open “Two Column” shape magnet with active shielding. The stability of the magnetic field is ensured via patent design of magnet and a specialized magnet constant temperature system.
Magnet constant temperature system is consisted of magnet temperature isolation coat and automatic temperature regulator, which makes magnet working at the stable temperature higher than the magnet room, greatly improved the system stability by cancelling influence from room temperature fluctuation. The magnet’s fringe field is small; the 5-G field is contained within 2.5 m or less in all directions allowing the system to be sited in a small space. The complete system can be installed in a space of 30 m2. The excellent magnetic field homogeneity is to ensure superior image quality with a 40 cm field of view.

The open magnet design is based on the research and clinical feedback in the area of full body imaging. The result is a high resolution, wide field of view magnet optimized to image of different part of body scan.
o Field Strength: 0.5T ±5%
o Type: Permanent
o Field Orientation: Vertical
o Weight: 21000 Kg
o Homogeneity 40cm DSV Vrms 2ppm
o Gradient Strength: 30 mT/m
o Slew Rate: 100 mT/m/ms
o Environmental: Internal Thermostatic Control System

Patient table
The patient table is used for positioning the patient with corresponding RF receiving coils to the iso-center of the magnet for the scanning of MR.
The patient table unit includes two parts: patient table and positioning system. The patient table includes tabletop, tabletop carrier, cushion, etc.
The patient table is electric driven in six moving directions and controlled by dual touch screen.
The positioning system includes laser positioning and LED display screen. Two LED screens display the coordinates of the table simultaneously. The positioning system is fully automatic by just touching one button.
o Patient Gap: 40±1 cm
o Max. Patient Weight: 240kg
Gradient System
The i_Open 0.5T gradient system is state-of-the-art, capable of running at 30 mT/m with a slew rate of
100 mT/m/ms.
o Maximum Voltage: 150V
o Maximum Current: 150A
More gradient power will support more gradient strength,
enable system to provide less slice thickness and smaller minimum FOV,
and allows fast (single-shot) TSE sequences with high turbo-factor and heavy T2-weighting.
Digital RF system
The flat quadrature transmitter coil is integrated in the pole pieces providing a strong uniform field.
The 6 kW RF power amplifier allows short pulses to be used, ensuring the execution of fast imaging sequences available now and those of the future.
Receive platform
The system is equipped with a fully digital four-channel hardware platform.
The technology allows the use of phase array coil. These coils provide image acquisition with higher signal to noise ratio and image quality.
RF Receiving Coils
The i_Open 0.5T RF coils provide excellent signal to noise ratio, due to presence of pre-amplifiers in all elements of the coils and other receiver coils,
ensuring proper enhancement of the signal. The i_Open
0.5T comes with a comprehensive set of RF receive coils supporting a wide range of clinical applications from head to toe.
Dedicated preset procedures are available for all coils.

o Coil Design: Phase Array coil
o RF Receiving Coils: Four channel phase array head coil
Four channel phase array head-neck coil
Four channel phase array knee coil
Four channel phase array body coil (Large and Medium) Shoulder
Small Joint (wrist) Flexible (Optional)
Infant Head Coil (Optional) Breast Coil (Optional)
o Max. RF Power: 6 kW
o Preamplifiers: All digital Fixed inside magnet
o Positioning: Padding set included providing comfortable patient positioning and restricting movement.

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