REVS PN Filler – To An Age Most Brilliant and Beautiful; Your Hidden Youth We Return To You

An innovative anti-aging solution from Reanzen to help skin recovers its health and beauty with the power of Poly Nucleotide (PN), a key ingredient extracted from salmon DNA.


REVS PN Filler

REVS is a tissue recovery biomaterial (grade 4 medical device) manufacture using PN from salmon DNA. Unlike filler which makes volume by adding Hyaluronic Acid under the skin’s dermis, REVS is a solution that recovers the healthy beauty of the skin itself.

Unlike HA filler, which controls ‘shape’, it returns skin texture, tone, and gloss to a beautiful state.









Wrinkle enhance

Skin recovery

Key Product Features:

  1. Optimized DNA technology for cell regeneration and collagen production
  2. Improvement of the underlying tissue environment to restore skin structure
  3. Activation of the skin’s regenerative powers
  4. PN’s longer DNA chain structure increases biocompatibiolity and retention compared to first generation PDRN


“Skin aging begins in the mid-20s, and the most effective combat method is recovery from deep within.”

REVS Effect

REVS Specification

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