Draminski Opus D

DRAMINSKI OPUS D – a comprehensive, mobile and extremely robust ultrasound scanner with Doppler function. The scanner is designed to meet the highest expectations of doctor who prefer mobility and high quality of the image. You will easily take it to visit your patient. At the same time this device has all the characteristics of a stationary ultrasound scanner. The OPUS D will quickly provide you with accurate data necessary to make the right decision.

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For whom is Opus D?
It is for all doctors on call who work professionally in different clinics, who perform diagnostics at the bedside, who visit their patients at home or take care of patients in different places. In all these cases a mobile ultrasound scanner Opus D will help you to diagnose the patient.
Light, mobile, ideal B mode image with Doppler functions, 10,4” monitor, intuitive operating, touch panel, battery run time is about 2 hours, easy to disinfect.

Where can it be applied?
With its help, depending on a probe, you will be able to carry out accurate and fast scanning of:
•full scanning of the abdominal cavity organs,
•lung and pleura transthoracic ultrasound examination,
•full minor pelvic examination,
•MSK (scanning of the musculoskeletal system),
•blood vessels and peripheral nerves,
•superficial organs.
•local anaesthesia,
•vein cannulation,
•measurement of optic nerve Heath meningioma thickness,
•ultrasound-guided invasive procedures,
•emergency/rescue procedure such as: FAST, eFAST, BLUE protocol.

The set includes:
•stand (optional),
•one probe (optional: convex 2-5 MHz/50 EP, linear 6-14 MHz/40EP, microconvex 4-9 MHz R10 mm, endovaginal 4-9 MHz),
•power supply,
•charger with a cable,
•two batteries (an option to buy more),
•transport case,

24 Months Warranty

Technical data:
Unit weight :
less than 5 kg (ready to use with probe and battery)
Dimensions :
30 x 25 x 8 cm
Frequency :
1 to 14 MHz (depending on the probe type used)
Image presentation (projection) mode :
B Mode, B+B Mode, 4B Mode, M Mode, B+M Mode
Doppler :
PWD (Pulse Wave Doppler), Color Doppler, PDI (Power Doppler)
Probes :
convex 1–6 MHz,
convex 2–5 MHz,
microconvex 4–9 MHz,
linear 60 mm 5–10 MHz,
linear 40 mm 6–14 MHz,
endovaginal 9–4 MHz,
Dynamic focus :
Number of head ports :
one port
Monitor :
10.4” LCD with LED backlight, LCD touch panel
User panel :
menu in English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Arabian control of all parameter image optimalisation setting
Dimensioning :
high-quality imaging, 256 greyscale shades,
extensive diagnostic possibilities, full dimensioning options
Power supply :
1. AC adapter – power in: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, ~1.5 A; power out: 18 V DC, ~3.34 A
2. bartery pack Li-Ion, 14.4V, 6,2Ah
Power consumption :
~ 2,2 A
Continuous operation on fully charged battery :
about 2 hours
External ports :
Standard data transmission :
Memory :
image and cine loop saving to an internal disk with description, pacient’s data and date
Low bartery indicator :
graphic presentation of battery level
Working temperature :
+10°C to +45°C
Storage temperature :
+5°C to +45°C
Accessories :
Optionally the stand/troley on wheels. The ability to connect to c the monitor through VGA and with printer through USB 2.0.

Your aim is to improve health care, our aim is to provide you with the best ultrasound equipment.

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