MEDI-FILIFT – One Shot, Double Treatment

Medi-FILIFT as a single-use scaffold provides excellent anchorage points in the subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, it can change the shape of the nose with strong support structure and immediate volumizing effect. After 3 months treatments, Medi-FILIFT regenerate new skin tissue from inside due to hollow structure. And after 1 year, the volumizing effect is still intact due to tissue regeneration from within, compared to general normal threads.


Medi-FILIFT is made of Polydioxanone and absorbable sterile implantable single-use scaffold used in multiple pairs intended to refine nasal bridge and tip without incision. This implantable use of Scaffold Technology is intended to maintain dermis fixation in an elevated position which enhances volume in the nasal dermis by compressing the soft tissue in multiple axes. Medi-FILIFT scaffold has three dimensional stereoscopic structure, therefore, it immediately provides excellent anchorage points in the subcutaneous tissue.

Medi-FILIFT is specially designed to be filled with various injectable products, such as Hyaluronic Acid. The doctors can adjust the patient’s treatment needs in one use Medi-FILIFT. It has numerous holes depends on its type. It isn’t just a linear-shaped thread. It will not bent against the cannula so that it will not cause side effects in the future. Medi-FILIFT has strong support, maintains same shape inside the skin tissue and we can expect long-lasting volumizing effect






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