FILLMED NANOSOFT® – A New Experience In Skin Rejuvenation

Inspired by vaccine administration techniques, NANOSOFT® is a real revolution in aesthetic medicine. It features a new type of needle that provides a one-stop solution for treating the face, neck, and decolletage. The injections are very accurate and standardised, making the procedure easier with proven results. Comprising of three 0.6 mm long microneedles, made from silicone crystal, it will not go blunt during the treatment. NANOSOFT® is around three times smaller than a typical injection needle.


NANOSOFT® was created for the delicate zones that is difficult to treat. Some skin zones are more fragile than others’. There are three zones in the face which are the main point of using NANOSOFT®.

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NANOSOFT® by FILLMED is a real evolution in aesthetics.

  • CONTROLLED & SECURE INTRADERMAL DELIVERY : 3 microneedles, 0.6 mm in length
  • EASY TO HANDLE : Blue line for injection’s orientation
  • OPTIMAL DESIGN : Can be mounted on any standard syringe


  • Target delicate areas
  • Near painless
  • Optimal safety
  • Less invasive
  • Consistent papulas
  • Standardized injection depth
  • Quick & easy procedure
  1. Injection of NCTF® into the upper dermis.Web 2
  2. Creation of papulaWeb 3
  3. Chrono-diffusion of NCTFWeb 4
  4. The papulas disappear after 24

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