Draminski FAST

Meets the requirements of doctors and midwives who appreciate mobility, unusual durability of the device and a very long, as much as 4.5 hours battery run time. Designed for a basic ultrasound scanning performed even in the most difficult site and weather conditions.

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For whom is FAST?
It is for all doctors on call and midwives who work professionally in different clinics, who perform diagnostics at the bedside, who visit their patients at home or take care of patients in different places. In all these cases a mobile ultrasound scanner FAST will help you to diagnose the patient.
Light, mobile, extremely durable, ideal B mode image, 6,5-inch monitor, intuitive operating, battery run time is 4,5 hours, easy to disinfect, cooperating with multiple mechanical probes.

Where can it be applied?
With its help, depending on a probe, you will be able to carry out fast scanning of:
•Organs of the abdominal cavity,
•Pelvic (the basic gynaecological and obstetric examinations).

Your aim is to improve health care, our aim is to provide you with the best ultrasound equipment.

The set contains:
•FAST ultrasound scanner with a back lit LED LCD monitor and a membrane keyboard
•Mechanical probe – its type depends on agreement with the supplier
•Battery back (Li-Ion, 14,4 V / 3.1 Ah)
•Battery charger with a 230 V supplying cable
•Adapter for the external memory port to transfer the images to the external memory
•Transport case
•Tripod – table support
•User manual and warranty card

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