Lenisna, Starts from Within

Currently, trends in the use of fillers in the aesthetic field have begun to decline in various parts of the world with the presence of Collagen Stimulators. Collagen stimulator is an alternative to replace the role of filler. More than that, Collagen stimulator has another advantage that is natural and able to work in annual time. Meet Lenisna, Injectable PLLA (Poly-Lactic-Acid), which will gradually stimulate collagen formation, improve skin condition, restore lost facial volume, reduce fine wrinkles, and many other good benefits


What is Lenisna?

Lenisna is a collagen stimulator product that stimulates a controlled inflammatory response, triggering the onset of collagen fibers deposition which expressed by the fibroblast, therefore it may increase the thickness of the dermis. Lenisna is also completed with Hyaluronic Acid which is good for maintaining skin moisture and reducing wrinkles. Lenisna contains 200mg of Neocollagenesis microparticle/vial.


Why Lenisna?

All in One Skin Solution

  • Indicates for body and face irregular texture

For Body : Neck, Decolletage (Upper Body), Abdomen, Buttocks and Thigh.

For Face : Temple Hollows, Cheek Hollows, Nasolabial Folds, Cheek Depressions, Pre Jowl Suicus

  • Continuously replenishes lost collagen until 24 months.
  • Giving immediate and long lasting effect.

It starts from within.

After Lenisna injected into patient’s body, a volumizing result is immediately seen by a transient fill as a result of the mechanical distention of the tissues and the help of Hyaluronic Acid. After several days, PLLA will resorbed and the true mechanism is begin with a subclinical inflammatory tissue response after implantation, followed by encapsulation of the particles and subsequent fibroplasia. This mechanism of action enables the product to gradually and progressively restore “a little volume all over” yielding a subtle and natural-looking result.

Polymers of Lactic Acid 

Polymers of Lactic Acid is a synthesis biodegradeable polymer that is resorbable and biocompatible. Polymers of lactic acid have been widely used for many years in different types of medical devices, such as resorbable sutures, intrabone, implants, and soft tissue implants.

Mech Act Lens

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