Genyal Volumae

The excellent results achieved with Genyal Polyvalent led to the creation of a specific product that gives volume to the face

Genyal Genyalift

It is now indisputable that filling wrinkles and increasing the volume in the face is not the only way to obtain total rejuvenation of the face; this is why natural, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid has an important role in combating and preventing skin aging, allowing skin elasticity and firmness to be regained.

Biolight White Lotion & Spray Trolley

Professional lotion that gives immediate whitening effect. Developed to promote whitening and an even skin tone on all skin types and minimizes age spots. a-Arbutin is a effective, faster and safer approach to skin whitening. Leaves the skin smooth and radiant, making the complexion luminous whilst protecting from the sun. With anti-age and hydrating properties Lightens the colour of the skin more efficiently and effectively than the existing single components.

On The Go Light White

Spray lotion that immediately evens out skin tone, leaving it bright and homogeneous. Daily use of this product guarantees a reduction of skin spot and various imperfections, thanks to a high-concentration mix of whitening / brightening active ingredients. The spray lotion also contains antioxidants and active ingredients that help keep skin clean and healthy. It contains sun blocks that ensura sun protection.

Deep Kineticell Crackle Mousse

"Crackle" musse to treat cellulite imperfections. A unique combination of active ingredients with a cutting-edge cosmetic technology that immediately refreshes and reinvigorates the skin. The effervescent technology triggers an ultra-intensive and targeted action on orange-peel skin and fatty deposits, with a progressive remodelling of the treated areas, which soon appear firmer, more toned and smoother.

Pink Angel

Pink smoothing mousse for the body with instant and lasting lifting effect. A body treatment that acts on two levels : it unblocks and mobilises fat, reducing it gradually (Liporeductyl) and makes the skin more compact, supple and firmer through the immediate tensor effect (Proteasyl). The gold dust revitalises the skin and makes it firmer and more radiant.


It is useful for hydration and the bio-restructuring of skin that is dehydrated abd damaged by ageing and exposure to sunlight

CO2 Fractional Laser

Therapy Characteristics : Short treatment duration, little hurt feel , need no additional consumables, The treatment effect is obvious within several months after the treatment and can be kept for many years, The diameter of the spot size is less than 0.075mm, with little trauma and will recover quickly, As the main treatment area remains intact during operation, the patients can use cosmetics at the second day after the treatment.

Q Switch NDYAG Laser

Application : The laser wavelength of 1064nm is effective on black on dermis, such as black tattoo, blue tattoo, tattoo eye line, etc, Long pulse in non Q switch mode can be used to improve chloasma and large pores, remove fine wrinkles, smoothen and whiten skin, enhance skin elasticity, The laser wavelenght of 532nm is effective on red, yellow and brown pigment lesions located on the skin surface and small area lesions, such as pigmentation on the skin surface, freckles removal, etc, Skin rejuvenations, Onychomycosis treatment, Superficial redness treatment